There’s a bit to take in when it comes to the new concepts that the Thief Skill Codex introduces — so my apologies on the delay on release, we had to get all of our turtles on the same log. Also, be sure to scroll to the bottom for perhaps the most important thing to know.
Just when you think Seer is the wildest we’re gonna get, we ask you to hold our beer. There is a lot to Wizard, in turn, I wanted to get a clarification…
Who doesn't love hucking axes around and smashing shit?
Some clarity for all the peeps that have Advanced1 ;)
Why do today what you can do in 3 turns after bending a little time?
Learn about the in-game menu interface that allows you to spend the Skill Points.
A couple of Monday night nuggies for the team.
Behold, a centralized place where I'll drop DFK Alpha.
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Workhorse's Patch Notes